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Silk Socks

Silk Socks

Unlike older generations, today's youngsters look for a pair of socks that are comfortable and fashionable enough to compete with the present fashion trends. In today's market place, a wide variety of socks are available, each pair varying in its texture, design, fabric etc. A uniquely designed pair of socks is always ready for you in the market place, varying from cotton to silk.

Silk socks are known as the socks of ultimate luxury. Silk socks are soft; light weighted and has a very good wicking quality. They are a natural insulator providing thermal warmth in winters, and keep you cool releasing warmth when it's hot. These socks are generally worn for business or dressier occasions.

Orosilber, a market leading manufacturer of socks offers you the largest luxurious collection of men socks in the world. Orosilber socks are soft, smooth and luxurious against your skin. Our socks are made from mulberry silk and are highly comfortable for everyday wear. Orosilber silk socks are made from a mixture of 65% pure silk combined with 35% nylon to further enhance fit and durability.

If you want to treat yourself and your feet to the best socks ever, try our collection of silk socks!

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