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Flag Lapel Pins

Flag Lapel Pins

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Lapel pins are much cherished ornaments worn both by men and women. They are frequently used as symbols of achievement and belonging in different organizations. Noblemen wear them to show their social status. Lapel pins are worn on the left lapel of jackets and are designed with the emblem of the noblemen.

Patriotic lapel pins are always appreciated by the public on special occasions like independence days and national days. Lapel pins are made up with different materials, engraved with different designs on it. Patriotic lapel pins are usually available in the colors that are used in the national flag of any country. As the Indian flag consists of green, saffron, white and blue colors; it is made up in different styles but all consists of the same four colors to provide the pins a patriotic look.

Most of these pins are used either on the national day or any special event that is related to the country. Orosilber lapel pins are beautifully designed based on the patriotic theme. They are crafted for people who want to show their pride and patriotism. These pins are made using the best material and latest technology. Flag lapel pins are must in the wardrobes of Veteran, Civic groups, Embassies, National Associations, Travelers & others who likes to shown their love and pride for India.

We have a variety of designable lapel pins in our store available at a reasonable rate. Patriotic lapel pins are the perfect gifts for all occasions. Be the first one to salute India in style with OROSILBER!

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