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A cufflink is an ornamental fastener worn by men to fasten on the two sides of the cuff on their shirt. Cufflinks for men, like any other piece of jewellery, come in all shapes and sizes. There are varieties of cufflink styles- from traditional to contemporary, to novelty. It is important to choose cufflinks that match your particular clothing style for a particular occasion. The more formal the occasion, the more formal the cufflink should be. Enamel is one of the most appealing substances used to craft jewellery today. The enamel cufflinks are made by liquefying enamel at the right temperature in order to produce a material like soft glass which is set on cufflinks then is strengthened by the beautiful metal which is used beneath. Enamel cufflinks when coupled with a formal outfit gives a sophisticated, stylish and royal outlook. If you intend to attend a high profile event, enamel cufflinks will look great! Orosilber offers a diverse variety of enamel cufflinks. Orosilber’s enamel cufflinks have a very sophisticated look with a glossy finish. These cufflinks are available in diverse colours such as blue, purple, black, white, yellow, red, multi-coloured, stripes, checks, and dots. All these cufflinks are available in a luxurious leather case. Orosilber consists of a diverse variety of enamel cufflinks in their store, each one of them being unique in their design and style. We provide the facility of free shipping anywhere in India.

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