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Collar Stays & Pins

Collar Stays & Pins

Collar Stays are strips used to stabilize the collar's point. They are made up with different materials such as brass, stainless steel, titanium, pearl, plastic etc. The use of stays ensures you that the collar of your shirt lays flat against the collar bone. It helps the collar to look distinct and maintain it in the right place.

Plastic stays can be bended quite easily. Sometimes shirts come with plastic stays when purchased and may require replacement if it gets bended. Use of metal stays replaces this problem.

Orosilber has a wonderful collection of metal stays which are available in shinny and brushes finished, and are light weighted. Collar Stays are inserted underneath your dress shirt collar to the specially made pocket underside of the shirt collar.

Collar stays should be removed at the time of washing or dry cleaning your shirt and can be re-inserted back before wearing. Get a wide variety of high quality collar stays in our website “ www.orosilber.com " at an affordable price.

Collar stud is a stud used to fasten a detachable collar to a shirt. It is used in the center front of the collar to hold the two ends together. These can also be used in the upper buttonhole of the cuffs. These are made up from a variety of metals like gold, brass, plastic etc. Using collar studs ensures you that the collar lies flat against the collar bone providing you a distinct look.

The collar is an important part of a shirt. A good collar can enhance the look of your shirt along with providing you an elegant outlook whereas a wrong collar can drastically alter your appearance from what you desire. Hence, the collar is not only a part of your shirt; it also helps to frame your face.

Orosilber has a wonderful collection of collar studs, each one of them unique in their style and design. All of them are very beautifully crafted by our experts and will definitely make you stand out even in a crowded place!

Make your selection from our large variety of beautiful sophisticated assortments at a reasonable price with assured quality and shine. We provide the facility of free shipping all over India!

Collar pin is one of that shirt jewelry that can really change the look of an outfit even though it is just a small detail. Its main function is to improve the appearance of a tie, as the pin lifts the knot up and shapes the collar around it to make it stand more proud. It keeps the collar in place and lifts the knot to give pleasing look to the necktie. A collar pin ranges between three and five centimeters in length.

Collar pin also helps to give the collars a better shape and a neat look. They come in two main designs: with screw-off ends fit through special eyelets in the collar; or like a large safety pin, which can be attached to any collar.

Orosilber has large assortments of these accessories. We have a collection that is quite unique from all the market places. Our collar pins are made up of high quality material with a perfect finish. We assure you that the shine of our accessories will never lose color and retain its shine for years.

Orosilber collar pins will definitely make you look quite elegant and debonair and underline your personal style. They can also make great gifts for your near and dear ones!

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